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Visit the Pinocchio Park in Collodi

We are talking about the famous Collodi Park

With just 20 minutes drive from Montecatini Terme you will have the opportunity to let your children live a spectacular day immersing yourself in the fairy tale of Pinocchio! We are talking about the famous Collodi Park, where you can experience firsthand each episode of the book.

As you enter the park you will be immersed in a magical atmosphere and surrounded by rich vegetation, including the famous Tree of the Zecchini! Of great impact will certainly be the Big Fishman: you can enter directly into his mouth as well as Pinocchio, but be careful not to get wet (at regular intervals emits jets of water!). Then you can have fun passing under the legs of the Burbero Carabiniere or competing with your little ones to who first finds the exit from the labyrinth in ivy! It is an evocative experience thanks to which you can entertain your children with games of once: you can play together with pulling the rope or the game of life-size goose! Thanks to the animators of the Park then, the little ones can participate in various workshops and enjoy drawing, painting or creating a nice mask, as well as attending a puppet show or getting on rides, just like in the Land of Toys! But it does not end here! At the end of the Park's exploration path, children between the ages of 5 and 11 will have the chance to turn into great explorers! In fact, by accessing the Adventure Park, your explorers will be able to face a journey made of Tibetan bridges, ropes and pulleys in complete safety. It will warm your heart to see your children satisfied with being successful and you will be grateful to yourself for having them spend a unique day that they will not easily forget.

Inside the Park you can also visit the Pinocchio Museum, where the puppet is represented under every form of art, along with costumes and objects used during theatrical performances. At the forefront with technology, inside the Virtual Library you can also interact with touchscreen screens available to visitors to let them know the many editions of the book produced all over the world from 1883 to the present day. What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a weekend with your family full of fun in the Park, and we, after a busy day, we will pamper you in the best way! Background The Historical Garden Garzoni is an architecture dating back to 1652, which, thanks to the particular landscape, is known to be the first historic garden built on a hill. One of the peculiarities is precisely the slope on which it was built, making the architectural difficulty a strong point of the Garden: it will surprise you! Born as a country residence with adjoining garden and wood of the Counts Garzoni, the work was then completed 170 years later, with the passage of several generations.

Villa Garzoni is built in Baroque style and is located in an elevated position with respect to the Garden. Because of its geographic conformation, the Villa has four floors downstream and three upstream, of which only the first can be visited. You can access it by a stone staircase followed by a long gallery, along which you will admire the wonderful frescoes and stuccos, as well as numerous sculptural works. After covering the entire gallery, you will have access to the halls, including the Damigella Bedroom, the Library and the Ballroom.

The walk in the Garden is therefore divided between various salts and descents that create a surprising and scenographic effect step by step. At the entrance there are the statues of Pan Flautista and Flora, after which you will find a parterre composed of hedges of various geometric shapes, large pools that create water features, perfectly regular flowerbeds and small lakes with waterfalls.

At the edge of the Garden was inaugurated in 2007 the Butterfly House: a magical glass structure that houses hundreds of butterflies originating in the equatorial and tropical areas. Inside the building there is a temperature and humidity ideal for their habitat, so much so that they reproduce themselves spontaneously. In the Butterfly House, butterflies are free to fly and rest on plants, flowers and fruits typical of their areas of origin. It is an exciting journey during which you will be able to see all the evolutionary phases of the butterflies, to know many of the varieties and to be amazed by the marvelous colors that nature gives them

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