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Hotel Ariston

Wellness Area

For your relax in your wellness area, we recommend to begin with Finnish sauna. Since the most ancient time the Nordic people used the steam bath as their own secret to long life. The Finnish sauna, around 80 degrees, works thanks to the progressive heating of stones placed on the heat source, the air became dry and you have to humidify it (level of 10-20 degrees), by throwing the water on the stones. We recommend to switch some minutes ( five in general) in the sauna, to get wet in our emotional shower for at least three times in order to complete a stay of 15 minutes in the sauna. The Finnish sauna’s benefits are considerable. The pores of the skin dilate and this allow to purify the skin, freeing it from toxins.
It is estimated that sweating promotes the removal of fluids who tend to stagnate in our body, with beneficial effects even for the cellulite. The first effects on the body is the vasodilation with a subsequent improvement of the blood circulation and a following benefit for the immune system. The stay in the sauna should never exceed 15 minutes and at the end of this cycle it is good to rise again and move slowly to avoid dizziness, so to rehydrate with water and herbal teas before moving on to the Turkish bath.

Hotel Ariston

The Turkish bath, around 43 degrees, is a hydrotherapeutic treatment carried out in an environment where the moisture content can even reach 100%. Inside you are sitting or lie down on stone benches, and you can relax by inhaling the steam. Usually, it begin with a stay of 15 minutes before getting under the emotional shower, but nothing prevents to alternate this time as you do in sauna. The greatest benefits of this treatment concerns the skin, that through this ritual undergoes an authentic purification. The heat promotes the opening of the pores and, through the sweating, the disposal of toxins. In term of aesthetics, the benefits of the Turkish bath are often visible after the first session, with a skin who appears already more radiant. After the experience of the Turkish bath, we recommend to rehydrate in our herbal tea room before moving to the jacuzzi.

Soak in the Jacuzzi, it’s for sure the most pleasant and relaxing moment. The benefit you can receive, it’s not only psychological. The water jet improves the blood circulation and helps the lymphatic system, reducing the fluid stagnation. The use of the water jet should be done but moderation and never more than 15 minutes at a time. Stay immersed in our Jacuzzi , with a temperature that changes between 29 and 32 degrees, is a regeneration experience even without remain exposed to the jet, of the different hydromassage stations, all the time.
The information just given are for those approaching for the first time to this wellness experience. The most experienced can do the course by following the order more convenient for them. The addition of a relaxing message from 25 minutes is usually done at the end of this two hours in the wellness area. For personal reason or time requirements, however, nothing prevents you from adding the massage within this time.

To find inspiration take a look at our wellness offer and please read the policy.

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